Root Canal Treatments

When we talk about any damage to our teeth, it can happen at almost any stage in life. Besides any accidents, failure to maintain daily oral care may result in chipped, cracked, or decayed teeth that will require services of a professional dentist if not spotted in the initial stage. If you are located somewhere in Tempe Arizona, then Root Canal Tempe can possibly be your search over the internet. However, before you actually plan to go for this treatment, there happen to be a few important things to be taken into account. Discussed below are some of them for your convenience:

Root Canal Treatments

Why is a root canal needed?

  • When any chemical, physical or bacterial assault damages pulp of the tooth in such a way that it is beyond repairable, a root canal treatment is needed. For example, a patient can have a severe knock that requires filling or there is a lot of decay causing discomfort.
  • There are visible of signs of severe dental infection that does not seem to be curing on its own.
  • Extensive work is required for restoration of the tooth which is likely to result in the pulp getting damaged.

How long is the treatment's duration?

  • Depending on how complex a certain case is, the treatment can take half an hour to as much as several hours.
  • If the tooth is badly broken, the canals are fine, multiple and difficult to locate this may also take a lot of time.
  • The teeth at the back of the mouth have multiple roots and therefor many canals, so treating them typically take longer yet depend on complexity.
  • In elderly people, teeth that might have suffered an injury can have canals calcify with the passage of time. This situation makes it difficult to locate the canals and treat even when located. Possible referral to an endodontist may be required in this case.

Why should you go for a Root Canal Treatment?

  • Unlike complete tooth removal, the tooth remains where it is. Besides, removal of a tooth results in bone loss in the particular area of the absent tooth and partial movement of adjoining teeth into the gap.
  • If there is an infection which is not properly treated, severe pain and swelling can appear at any time and may take several days to be treated.

What are the possible risks and complications associated with the treatment?

  • Sometimes the treatment doesn’t work as expected and there is a risk of the infection returning. Although the dentists try their best to disinfect the tooth but there is no surety that infection won’t return. If the signs and symptoms of infection persist after root canal treatment then further treatment may have to be considered.
  • There is a possibility of the tooth breaking again and it is not easy to predict. Root canal treatment involves removing tooth structure that often weakens the tooth. Besides, many teeth that need root canal treatment are already awfully damaged. Many times heavy biting forces on the tooth may lead to fracture.
  • The instruments used in the root canal are made from very fine stainless steel or titanium. While cleaning and shaping the canal systems they can break and often leave part of the file in the canal system. As it is quite difficult to remove the broken part from the canal even with the help of a microscope, so it becomes part of root canal filling.

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