Laser Dentistry

As dentists strive to create the perfect smile, they are often compromised by the technology (or lack thereof) they use in their practice. Respected leaders from the dental profession and dental equipment manufacturers have sought to identify the most practical and least invasive technology available to deliver top notch restorative and preventative care. Today, thanks to continuing efforts by these industry leaders, we have seen the introduction of many new devices that have advanced the dentist’s ability to perform at the highest standards. Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) technology has been used in various types of medical procedures for years and is now offered in cutting edge dental practices around the world. In addition to overall health benefits, dental lasers also offer increased effectiveness and comfort levels to many dental procedures. the SoftLase Pro is used at Warner Vfillage Cosmetic and Family Dentistry for a wide array of dental procedures such as, Herpetic and Apthous Ulcer Treatment, Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy, Gingival Recontouring, Esthetic Crown Lengthening, Preventative Laser Bacterial Reduction, and many other procedures. 

Herpetic and Apthous Ulcer Treatment

Herpetic and apthous ulcers are viral in nature and occur to approximately 15 to 45% of the United States Population. Ultraviolet light or trauma can often trigger reoccurrences. The use of a laser to assist with treatment and healing of cold sores (oral herpetic lesions) or canker sores (apthous ulcers) is very effective and pain-free. If treated at the immediate onset of symptoms, the lesions often will not progress and will heal much more quickly and less painfully. 

Laser Bacterial Reduction

Periodontal disease affects approximately 80% of adults and is a growing epidemic in our society. We now know that periodontal disease is a bacterial infection in the pockets around your teeth. With that thought in mind it is recommended that all patients have their teeth decontaminated prior to cleaning appointments. During normal cleaning appointments, the potential bleeding occurs and thereby allows the bacteria in the mouth to flood into the bloodstream traveling throughout the entire circulatory system and sometimes settling in weak areas of the body. Knowing that these same bacteria have been linked to systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, etc., anything that can be done to reduce or eliminate such bacteria is positive. Laser Bacterial reduction, or LBR, also prevents cross contamination of bacteria from unhealthy parts of the mouth to healthy parts of the mouth and kills the periodontal disease bacteria that cause physical destruction of the support for your teeth. The process is painless and normally adds 5-10 minutes to the normal cleaning process. 

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy, or LAPT for short, is the latest, most cutting edge treatment for periodontal disease. It combines traditional periodontal debridement techniques with the advantages of using a laser. The advantages to using a laser over traditional instruments only are the extreme precision of the laser to remove only diseased tissue, limit postoperative discomfort, and to provide an optimal environment for rapid healing. The number of visits required for LAPT is determined on a case by case basis. Upon the completion of any treatment for periodontal disease, more frequent visits are recommended in order to manage the disease process by disrupting bacterial colonizations to prevent further damage to the teeth and supporting structures (bone and gums).

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