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Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) are a very common condition, affecting more than 10 million people in United State. Temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw and the skull, located in front of each ear. These joints basically makes it possible for us to speak, chew and open or close the mouth. Usually the painful TMD occur, when the joints and jaw muscles are prevented from working together.

EPIC Laser Therapy

Although the causes of temporomandibular joints are not completely understood, but research has shown that there are certain behaviors which may cause the problem.
For example, they are caused due to clenching of your jaw. This puts pressure on the joint. Also the conditions that affect other joints of the body, such as arthritis, may cause TMD.

Diagnosing Temporomandibular Joints Disorders is the most complex part of the treatment and should be conducted under the supervision of specialized dental surgeons, which are expert in the field of teeth and jaw procedures. At Warner Village Cosmetic & Family Dentistry the diagnosing stage includes the examining of the joints for clicking, tenderness or difficulty moving. Keep your dental office record updated, because your complete medical history will be reviewed. We may take X-rays, to deeply review your mouth and teeth. TMD can result when the temporomandibular joints or jaw muscles are affected.

At Warner Village Cosmetic & Family Dentistry various treatments are available for TMD, which includes medications, relaxation techniques and Epic Laser Pain Therapy. The procedures to be used varies with the severity of the disorder, we will choose the treatment which is most effective for you.

At Warner Village we may use Nightguard to treat; grinding or clenching of your teeth, while you’re sleeping. They are composed of plastic and are placed over your teeth. Some of the people may find it ineffective, resulting in increase in pain, but Nightguard is successful for most of the people.

Sometimes when treatments such as injections, medications, physical therapy and night guards are not found suitable for the patient, another effective Epic Pain Therapy is conducted using the laser technology.

The Epic Laser Pain Therapy temporarily increases your blood circulation and relaxes your muscles. The procedure temporarily prevents joint pain and stiffness. Laser Pain Therapy is fast as it takes 10 minutes for each area to complete. Patient usually are required to 2 – 6 visits. Sometime fewer treatments may be needed.

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