All-On-X Dental Implants

All-On-X Dental Implants

All-on-X is a minimally invasive method of placing a full mouth of implants only using four – six implants to support a full arch (upper or lower) fixed non-removable replacement teeth. All-on-X allows you to have a full set of teeth without having to undergo multiple surgeries and replacements to place a full set of implants in your mouth. The greatest thing about All-on-X is that the procedure we can typically complete it in our office during one appointment under local anesthesia. For our patients who have lost all their teeth or may need to have the remaining teeth pulled due to decay, this is an amazing advancement that allows them to have a full set of teeth without undergoing multiple procedures. Simultaneously, this solution gives patients the kind of teeth that look real and act like the original teeth.


The All-On-X dental implant procedure is a minimally invasive way to replace missing teeth. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and usually takes less than two hours. 

  • During the procedure, the implant dentist will make small incisions in the gums and place the implants into the jawbone. 
  • Once the implants are in place, the gums will be stitched up, and a temporary dental prosthesis will be attached. 
  • In a few months, once the implants have healed and fused to the jawbone, the patient will come back in for a final appointment. 
  • During this appointment, the temporary prosthesis will be removed and replaced with a permanent one. The permanent prosthetic will perfectly complement the specific patient in tooth size, color, and shape.

After the All-On-X dental implant procedure, patients can expect to experience some mild swelling and bruising. These side effects will resolve within a few days. It’s important to take it easy for the first few days after the procedure and to eat soft foods. Patients will be given specific instructions on how to care for their implants and will be asked to return for follow-up appointments.


  • One of the benefits of choosing All-On-X implants is that the treatment can be completed in just one surgical appointment. Once the titanium posts are placed, we will immediately attach a full-arch prosthetic. This means that you won’t have to wait months for new teeth—you can leave our office with a brand-new smile!
  • In addition, All-On-X implants are a very strong and stable option. The titanium posts will fuse to your jawbone over time, creating a strong foundation for your new teeth. This can give you the confidence to eat the foods you love and to speak with ease.
  • Another great benefit of All-On-X implants is that they can help preserve your jawbone. When you lose teeth, the bone that once supported those teeth begins to deteriorate. This can cause your facial features to change and can lead to further tooth loss. However, because All-On-X implants replace the roots of your teeth, they can help to preserve the bone in your jaw. This can help you maintain a youthful appearance while preventing premature aging.


The best way to determine if you are a candidate for All-On-X implants is to come in for a consultation with our experienced implant dentists. During your consultation, we will thoroughly examine your mouth and jaw to make sure that you have enough bone density to support the titanium posts. Since we are only placing a few implants to support the prosthetic, there is a great chance that we can find sufficient bone to place the implants. We will also review your medical history to make sure that you are in good overall health.

Dental implants have a very high success rate, but there are some special care instructions you will need to follow after having them placed. It is normal to experience some pain and swelling after your procedure, though you may treat discomfort with over the counter medications or pain medications prescribed by your dentist. You may also need to rinse the treated area with a special solution several times each day and avoid using a straw. You may also be provided with an antibiotic and a list of temporary diet restrictions that will help you prevent infection.

It’s important to note that All-On-X implants are not right for everyone. In some cases, patients may require a traditional implant or a different type of dental restoration. Our team will work with you to determine the best possible treatment plan to meet your specific needs and goals.

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